Pläne für 2017 // Plans for 2017

My good intentions for 2017 were not all finished on New Year’s Eve (no wonder, considering all my unfinished projects), but with just 4 days delay I can finaly agree on a few points…

The first is relatively easy to guess: I will write my contributions bilingual. Most likely I will not manage this for every single text, but at least the tutorials and the WiP’s will now be also available in English.


But to be able to write something here, I need of course projects.
Fortunately, I have a full wardrobe full of fabrics (and a few full boxes, which officially do not exist) and also a fairly large collection of other materials. In combination with my project-wish-list that should be enough employment for a year (or two, or three….)

To sew many beautiful things is not really a novelty for the year 2017, but the point with this intent is to use only existing materials. New fabrics can only be bought if…
…I need them to finish a “old-fabric”-project…
…there is a concrete and urgend project for it…
they are to beautiful to resist.

So, let’s finally get to the list. I have, of course, only chosen the things that I really, really need…

eine Resterl-Patchworkdecke aus den Stoffenstückchen, die von meinen Gewandungen übrig geblieben sind a patchwork-quilt from all the pieces of fabric left by my costumes
eine Baby-Kuscheldecke für die Tochter einer lieben Freundin a baby blanket for the daughter of a dear friend
eine Landsknechts-Gewandung aus dunkelgrünem Wollstoff, inklusive Hemd und Wulsthaube a Landsknechts-Gown (Kampfrau) made of dark green wool, including a shirt and wulsthaube.
noch ein Landsknechts-Gewandung, diese mal aus Leinen (kampftauglich!) another Landsknechts-Gown (Kampfrau), this time made of linen (I should be able to fight in in)
eine wattierte Bundhaube, da mir mein Helm viel zu groß ist a padded coif (without is my helmet too big for me)
ein Gambeson, der zumindest ein bisschen Figur erahnen lässt (ja, ich bin irgendwie ein bisschen eitel) a gambeson in which I have at least a bit of figure (yes, I am kind of a bit vain)
ein mittelalter-Wams für meinen Mann a medieval doublet for my husband
eine Hose für meinen Mann a pair of trousers for my husband
eine Hose für mich a pair of trousers for myself
eine orientalische Reisegewandung für mich, bestehend aus Hose, Entari, Kaftan und passender Kopfbedeckung (wenn Dr.Who einen Fez tragen kann, darf ich das auch!) an oriental travel garment for myself, consisting of pants, entari, caftan and matching headdress (if Dr.Who can wear a Fez, so can I)
ein Chaperon für meinen Mann a chaperon for my husband

Oh, I really should not have written that list. So much to do and the year is nearly over.
Besides, there are still my UfO’s and all the unforseen little things. You see: it will be a productive year. Let’s get started!



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